Fukumoto International Patent Office


  We provide large, medium and small-sized businesses and independent
    inventors with satisfactory services making good use of long experience.
  We hold up following policy.

  * To provide services of high quality at reasonable prices
  * Faithful and conscientious manner in practices
  * To support for finding out inventions, for obtaining IP rights,
      for licensing, and for infringement litigations, i.e., fully support
      "from the cradle to the grave"
  * To provide useful information on IP, such as patent, design,
      trademark and copyright
  * To continue studying the state-of-art to keep pace therewith
  * To continue studying case law and the like to provide precise
      and best suited legal opinion
  * To continue studying a variety of overseas IP systems to be
      skilled therein as an international office

Our Practice Area

  * Domestic and overseas prosecution related to patent, utility model,
      industrial design, and trademark
  * Trial before Japan Patent Office (JPO)
  * Litigation against trial decisions
  * Litigation of Infringement
  * Expert Opinion
  * Consultation related to a variety of intellectual properties
  * Consultation prior to filing an application
  * Consultation on licensing
  * Translation of application documents and IP related documents
      from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese

Our Technical Fields related to Patents and Utility Models

  * Electric, electronic, communication, and mechanical engineering;
      such as semiconductors, analog electronic circuits,
      digital electronic circuits, electronic appliances, computers,
      software, business methods, controllers, electronic materials,
      frames, machines, construction tools, and commodities.

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